VorroHealth addresses unique healthcare information challenges with a strong visual application and an intuitive approach to turning raw patient data into actionable information shared across many providers, clinicians and operations. What’s more, you can stay ahead of changing industry standards and compliance issues.

Raleigh Awaya, CIO at Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii, LLP says:

Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii, LLP has utilized Bridgegate to provide integrations capabilities for a number of applications. The results have been outstanding, saving time, labor and most important providing capabilities to test and run scripts in runtime and batch mode. The technical team has utilized the functions and capabilities to streamline operational processes that save days and weeks of technical work. Bridgegate is a tool that everyone needs especially when the technical environment is complex and application systems are diverse.

Brad Savage, ClO of Golden Living says:

We signed an enterprise-wide integration deal with BridgeGate because of the results we achieved with their product in 2008. We realized immediate gains in productivity along with vastly improved data and process management” said Brad Savage, senior vice president and chief information officer. “In our business, data must flow across many platforms seamlessly, quickly and dependably. BridgeGate has proven to us that they deliver on this requirement. Our expanded agreement with BridgeGate allows us to effectively integrate our data and position ourselves to meet the massive changes to Healthcare IT standards.

Stephen Bernier, VP IT at Golden Living says:

BridgeGate has facilitated HL7 Data ingestion and integration into a routine task. Through the reuse of established templates, on boarding new clients can be accomplished within an hour— basically at Zero Cost. For us, BridgeGate has become the answer to the complex “How to” data integration issue facing our industry — Now we just need everyone else to get on board.

Laura Gill, ClO at Avesis:

Initial Challenge?

Avesis’s greatest problem was a customization and compliance deadlock. With two different systems, one a legacy system, Avesis was unable to comply with our business partners demands for change and multi-level customization. Since Avesis operates in all 50 states the complexity was compounded by our need to meet state requirements as well for EDI standards for the 834, 837, 997, 277 etc. formats. To meet those changing requirements Avesis incurred a large expense for either customized applications, hiring additional consultants or in the worst scenario charge backs due to non-compliance.

The BridgeGate Solution:

Bridgegate’s App integration system provided the ability to customize any data from any format to any desired or system required format. The learning curve was relatively short and the support outstanding. This has allowed Avesis to cut their build time by 50% and as of this moment comply with all business demands and requirements at 100%.

What’s the biggest benefit? Time? Money? Productivity?

Avesis has benefited by all three. Since ¡n our world as in most, time ¡s money, the savings ¡s clear. From build out to process, the Bridgegate system has automated a large portion of the business and therefore freed staff for other things. We can automatically process jobs around the clock, have reduced the time to complete projects by half and have limited the amount of staff necessary to get us there.

Ben Say, ClO at World Doc:

The BridgeGate platform enables us to perform data integration with clients in a timelier manner with lower maintenance costs. When there are market opportunities for integration into the World Doc platform, we are able to show a proof of concept and deliver features quickly using BridgeGate.

John Cresci, IT Finance Manager at MedImpact:

We have peace of mind with BridgeGate’s robust, scalable and easy to use integration platform. Compared to other solutions I’ve used, BridgeGate offers unsurpassed speed-we deployed it within hours, rather than days or weeks, and following the migration of my financial processes from Oracle Links to BridgeGate my financials close time was reduced by 75%. We anticipate further impressive reductions in time and labor spent on managing our data with BridgeGate.